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The Italian Group of Ultrastructural Pathology, GIPU, is a scientific organization committed to promote the art and science of Electron Microscopy (EM) in the pathology field in Italy, sharing its professional work with a public audience.

It is a section of the Italian Society for Anatomical Pathology and Cytopathology, SIAPEC, and belongs to the Electron Microscopy Working Group, EMWG of the European Society of Pathology. 

From 2007 the name of the group has been changed from GIDU, Italian Group of Ultrastructural Diagnostic to GIPU, the Italian Group of Ultrastructural Pathology to favor broader applications of EM to pathology research.

GIDU first and GIPU later has a logo, it is made of electrons spin which turn around the name of the group, representing a stylized EM.

To read the "Buinding block of GIPU", the hystory of the group, click here.

GIPU collects italian pathologists utilizing the electron microscope, EM (transmission and scanning electron microscopes) to investigate subcellular alterations which cannot be demonstrated by other morphological techniques such as light microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy, and immunohistochemistry in diagnostic and experimental pathology. 

By 1991, GIPU has had 40 members: membership in this Group is still open and welcome to all pathologists, PhD, electron microscopy technologists, pathology trainees, and researchers interested in diagnostic electron microscopy.

GIPU would like to express its sincere appreciation and profound gratitude to all scientists who get EM in pathology growing with scientific incentives, inputs and professional expertise during last decades.

To contact us, please email to the Coordinator of the Group Prof Giovanna Cenacchi: