2019 IAC Tutorial Rome

dal 07-02-2019 al 09-02-2019

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore,  Centro Congressi EUROPA Sala ITALIA Largo Francesco Vito 1, Rome, Italy

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Cytopathology is one of the most dynamic area in Diagnostic Pathology. Reporting terminologies and nomenclatures are continuously evolving in line with the cutting edge developments in molecular diagnostics and clinical management algorithms. The unique ability "to obtain more with less" has accorded Cytopathology a frontline position, thus playing a central role in accurate and timely patient management.
Recent years have witnessed an exponential growth in ancillary techniques including various molecular tests, further enhancing the accuracy of a cytological diagnosis. Additionally there have been several significant revisions of tumor nomenclature and classifications in histopathology, which directly influence the cytological interpretations and overall risks of malignancy (ROMs). The new and updated role of HPV testing in cervical cancer screening as well as for oro-pharyngeal cancer is often poorly understood in Cytopathology.
The historical metropolis of Rome, with its incalculable immensity of archaeological and art treasures invites you to attend a cutting-edge tutorial in February 2019 organized by the International Academy of Cytology(IAC) and Italian Society of Anatomic Pathology and Diagnostic Cytology (SIAPEC).
The tutorial will address key diagnostic issues and various timely and updated topics of significant and practical clinical importance. This comprehensive course will bring some of the world's leading experts in cytopathology to Italy for a 3-day "Cytology immersion in the ancient roman scenario".Don't delay your registration as seats at the tutorial are limited. Additionally, the charm and magic of the ancient Roman Empire will conquer you. We are ready to welcome you to the "Land of Julius Ceasar"
Course Directors: Dr. Syed Ali and Dr. Esther Diana Rossi
All lectures and presentation are in english. No simultaneous translation.
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, 
Centro Congressi EUROPA Sala ITALIA
Largo Francesco Vito 1, Rome, Italy
CME CREDITS these can only be provided for Italian participants. 
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  • Pathologists (Medical doctor specialized in anatomical pathology
  • Cytotechnicians
  • Biologists
The IAC will issue 36 points for CMIAC, CT(IAC) and CT(IAC-GYN)
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