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Da Ftima Carneiro, Presidente ESP

lettera ai soci ESP

Dear ESP member
Please find attached an invitation to an extraordinary General Assembly of the ESP on September 30, 2013. The purpose of this meeting is to register the new statutes of our society; this has to be done in the presence of a Belgian notary. To simplify the procedure and to cope with the legal issues pertaining to the number of members of the society required for a change in the statutes, members can give proxy to the officers of the Executive Committee to represent them at this extraordinary general assembly. If you agree with the changes, please sign and return the attached proxy (see below) as soon as possible. The Proxy document is to be filled (first and last page, the latter with signature and and date) and the original signed document to be sent to the ESP Administrator by regular mail, together with a photocopy of an identification document (Identity card or passport). These documents are to be sent to the ESP office in Brussels to Krasi Serguieva, Dr PBA, ESP administrator, Rue Bara 6, 1070; Brussels, Belgium.
Please note that further information and details on the changes in the statutes will be explained in detail at the general assembly at the Lisbon Congress, scheduled for September 4, 2013. Old and new versions of the statutes can be found on the ESP website.
If you have any questions or comments about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your voice is of a great importance, so please respond to our request before the congress in Lisbon that will start on 31st August
2013 as the Statutes and Bylaws will be discussed during the General

Best wishes
Fátima Carneiro                                                Ilmo Leivo
ESP President                                                  ESP Secretary

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Data pubblicazione: 2013-08-01